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students playing piano

People generally have an idea what to expect in a traditional music classroom, or in a private piano studio. But My First MusIQ Club is a different experience altogether, and it’s going to be a lot of fun for children and their parents. Look at the feedback from parents and teachers below to get an idea what’s in store for you.

“Last week one of the preschool children had enjoyed the previous week so much that he had begged his parents to bring him back for the next class, even though they were actually on vacation. So, they interrupted their holiday just to bring him back for his MusIQ Club lesson, and then went back on vacation!”

--Adele Merritt, MusIQ Club instructor, Windsor St. Child Care

"Today, our schedule was different and we didn’t get to our computer enrichment activities. However, after supper, my 4-year-old came up to me and said, “Mom, I need to do my piano lesson today.”

--Whispers of Wonder

"Fun for the kids. I enjoyed hearing my youngest in her excitement yell at me (right next to her), "I did it mommy, I did it!" Mission Accomplished!

--Home is Cool 101

"She is only 3 1/2 and is firmly understanding the information. I sit and do the lesson with her, but I don't have to help very much. I loved the other day when she said "I'm playing the piano like Mr. Beethoven." So sweet!

--Our Country Road

"J has such a short attention span for the activities, as he is only 3, that we have taken a while longer per lesson for him. However, he is getting the basic concepts taught (high and low notes which they call birds and whales.) D has occasionally volunteered to help J with the lessons which warmed my heart to see the older child wanting to teach the younger.

--Day by Day in our World

"I love how positive the correction is. When a mistake is made, the teacher's voice will say "careful" in such a way that the child knows they didn't play the right note. They are then given the opportunity to play it again. The lessons don't move ahead unless the concepts are somewhat mastered

--Be the One

"After a 30 second introduction in Lesson 1, the program required input from Izzie every 3-10 seconds. I absolutely love the fact Izzie is actively engaged from the beginning to the end of each lesson.

--Izzie, Mac and Me

"I love that the colors are bright and it grabs the child's attention straight away. History about composers and music is taught is a very natural relaxed way. In fact Little J did not realize he was learning history and playing the piano.

--Chickens Bunnies and Homeschool

Chris is loving it. No question whatsoever. It’s more a matter of getting him OFF it and getting his other schoolwork done than anything else. Yes, I’ve resorted to using piano lessons as bribes..

--Tenacity Divine

My son spent a lot of time in the music room which allowed more freedom with composing than he had before. He enjoyed playing his recordings for us. He shared that he liked the intro music.. as he started a new selection of each lesson a different selection was played by the featured composer.

--A Glimpse of Our Life

As I have mentioned here before, she has some learning disabilities. So many "conventional" ways of teaching her do not work. She was the one who has really taken off with using this program. She loves the ALL aspects of learning how to play the piano. Adventus has made it very fun to learn. The confidence she is building from the fun lessons taught by some our most famous composers. Her favorite has to be the lessons taught by Bach. She has always enjoyed classical music. It's exciting to her that she is able to play the piano now. Of course she has a lot more to learn. But after only a month, she is doing very well. She has learned to play from ear as well.

--Reflections in the Window