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About Adventus

For over 15 years Adventus has been creating world leading interactive tools and teacher guidance to assist with delivering high quality group music classes with instrumental skill development.

The Adventus approach is very comprehensive, including music theory, music history, ear training, composition, listening and performing repertoires. The Adventus approach also facilitates reliable progress every day thanks to the interactive software that keeps students inspired and on track when practicing at home.

Schools can easily integrate the Adventus approach to provide a successful multi-level music literacy program with instrumental significant skill development in a group format, at a cost that’s accessible to almost every family.

Adventus innovative approach is uniquely successful in keeping students engaged year after year in this very developmental and challenging process of fluently reading, performing, improvising and composing music at higher and higher levels.

Adventus helps educators realize the value of the Adventus programs and encourage proponents to assist in providing these programs to children who may otherwise miss out on the incredible permanent benefits of this cognitive, emotional, social and physical development.